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The Intel oneAPI tools do not automatically create module files when they are installed using DNF (or remove old module files when they are removed). Instead, the DNF post-transactions-actions plugin can be used to run the modulefiles setup script after any DNF transaction modifying an Intel package.

This plugin is not installed by default, so it must be installed manually using this DNF command:

dnf install python3-dnf-plugin-post-transaction-actions

Once installed, it should be automatically activated, but this can be confirmed by checking the enabled key in the /etc/dnf/plugins/post-transaction-actions.conf file.

Next, create the action to update the modulefiles. Create a file oneapi_modulefiles.action inside the directory /etc/dnf/plugins/post-transaction-actions.d directory with the contents

# Update the module files for oneAPI if any changes are made in the installation directory
intel-oneapi-*:any:/opt/intel/oneapi/modulefiles-setup.sh --force --output-dir=/opt/intel/oneapi/modulefiles

Now, anytime a package starting with intel-oneapi is installed or removed, the modulefiles will be regenerated into the /opt/intel/oneapi/modulefiles directory.